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1943 - 2013


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The Memorial Index lists all the surviving memorial as of 2010. There were some that could not be read and others that, because they were buried or inaccessible may not appear on the list.

The Burial Index lists the names of people buried at both cemeteries It was compiled during the recording of the memorials. It includes the majority of burials but not absolutely all of them.

The Jewellery Quarter Research Group, known as the JQRG was founded by Dick Empson and Doug Wilks to make freely available the work Dick had done in recording  the surviving memorials at Key Hill and Warstone Lane cemeteries.

It was an immense task that Dick undertook almost single handed which took him some six years. Initially the information was published in hardcopy but it was soon realised that, because of the amount of data this was impractical so it is now available online on the JQRG's website.


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Edward John Eyre was a celebrated explorer, he was considered a Protector of Aborigines working amongst the tribes on the Murray River at Moorundie. In 1844 he returned to England, bringing with him two young Aboriginal youths, to be educated at his own expense.

One of those young men was Warrulan, the son of Tenberry, a tribal Chief (or King) and, on 26th January 1846, Warrulan, was presented by the new Colonial Secretary, William Gladstone, to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe Coburg and Gotha at Buckingham Palace.

This was a remarkable meeting by any account, and was covered by the Illustrated London News: "Her Majesty appeared much pleased with the general appearance and manners of these youthful representatives of her subjects at the antipodes". Warrulan was sent to an agricultural school at Sibford in Oxfordshire. After finishing school, Warrulan, now known as Edward, spent three years as an apprentice at Banbury and subsequently he was employed at J. Middlemore, a leather firm in Birmingham.

On returning from a summer holiday in 1855, Warrulan became ill, and pneumonia followed; he died on October 23rd, 1855, aged about 19 years old. On October 27th, Edward Warrulan, the son of an Aboriginal Tribal Chief was buried in Public Grave number 503, section F at the Church of England Cemetery, Warstone Lane, Birmingham, England.

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Burials in the Jewellery Quarter Cemeteries include:-

Joseph Chamberlain : Harriet Chamberlain : Florence Chamberlain : Joseph Chamberlain Snr. : Richard Chamberlain : John Henry Chamberlain : John Henderson : Robert Lucas Chance : Abraham Follett Osler : Thomas Osler : Joseph Tangye : Thomas Beilby : Thomas Avery : John S. Wright : James James : James Hinks : Constance Naden : Tolkien family : George Dawson : Henry Palethorpe : Sir Thomas Martineau : Sarah Finch : Alfred Bird Snr. : Alfred Bird Jnr. : William Butler : Marie Bethel Beauclerc : Harriet Martineau : Thomas Tyndall : Robert Martineau : Samuel Timmins : Joseph P. Williams : Thomas Walker : Elizabeth Martineau : Edward Warralun : Harry Gem : John Baskerville : Pte James Cooper V.C. : William Lant Tyndall : John Postgate FRCS